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Our best look yet at the LG G8 ThinQ

Our best look yet at the LG G8 ThinQ


Not so speculative now

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When LG reveals its new high-end G8 ThinQ smartphone, the design probably won’t be a surprise — because noted phone leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) has just revealed clear images that show the handset from practically every angle, weeks ahead of its likely debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.

That’s on top of some near-identical images at XDA-developers last month.

While LG hasn’t confirmed that this is what the phone will look like, nor provided many details, the company has technically already announced this phone — last week, LG confirmed that it would sell a handset called the LG G8 ThinQ, complete with a time-of-flight 3D depth camera so you can unlock it with your face. That probably explains the unusual three-lens front facing camera module you can see in the above images — and why it’s still got a notch in the new era of snazzier hole-punch displays that don’t take up so much real estate.

And yes, it looks like there’s still a headphone jack

Blass has a reliable track record for leaked phone pics, but what gives these ones even more credibility is that they line up with two others, including the renders shared by @onleaks and @91mobiles last month — who, unlike Blass, are known for producing their own renders based on leaked CAD blueprints for the phones.

At the time, LG Electronics’ global comms head Ken Hong tweeted that the Onleaks images were “only a speculative rendering,” which is technically true. But unless LG’s been planting fakes, it looks like the speculation might have been pretty spot-on about the G8. And that doesn’t entirely hurt LG, considering it needs to build up a head of steam to compete with Samsung’s extensively leaked Galaxy S10 lineup, which is slated to be announced on February 20th. (We’ll be there.)

Other rumored LG G8 tidbits: Onleaks also suggested that the G8’s screen might vibrate to produce sound, and CNET recently reported that the G8 will come with a special case attachment that gives it a second screen. There’s also a rumor that LG might launch a new flagship, the LG V50, alongside the G8 next month.

Because LG’s V-series phones are its true flagships, after all. Here’s our review of the three-camera V40, which gives you some idea where the G8 and the V50 are starting from.

Update, 9:05 PM ET: Clarified that XDA-developers also shared what appears to be a near-identical picture of the phone, minus top and bottom angles, last month.