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Wacom’s Pro Pen slim is here to alleviate your hand cramps

Wacom’s Pro Pen slim is here to alleviate your hand cramps

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Wacom announced the launch of its Pro Pen slim today, which has 8,196 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and an eraser. The company says it was created in response to designers and digital artists who have requested a slimmer pen. The new pen is thinner than Wacom’s current Grip Pen, and is designed to emulate the feel of brushes and pencils.

Most of Wacom’s styluses, which come included with its tablets, are a lot thicker than standard pencils, and take some getting used to. As an alternative to the Pro Pen or Grip Pen, some artists have turned to purchasing a separate Classic Pen, which has 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and feels more like a regular pen. The $69.95 Classic Pen hasn’t been updated for several years, though, and the new Pro Pen slim aims to provide the same natural drawing experience with updated specs.

The Pro Pen slim is compatible with the Cintiq Pro line, the Cintiq 16, MobileStudio Pros, and the Intuos Pro line. It’s available now in Japan for $79.95, and will be released worldwide soon.