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Galaxy Fold will be the name of Samsung’s foldable phone

Galaxy Fold will be the name of Samsung’s foldable phone


Guess it’s better than Galaxy F

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The torrent of Samsung leaks these past few weeks has mostly been about the company’s smartphones, but now we have a revelation about the still-mysterious foldable Samsung phone as well: it’ll be announced under the title of Galaxy Fold. Word about this comes from prolific leaker Evan Blass, a thorn in Samsung’s side, who began 2019 by revealing every last detail about the Galaxy S10 family of devices ahead of tomorrow’s launch. He’s had some help along the way, mind you, as Samsung has managed to leak a whole bunch of stuff itself, culminating today with a TV commercial airing prematurely in Norway.

Opinions about the Galaxy Fold branding will surely differ. It’s marginally better than the most unimaginative (and nondescript) Galaxy F alternative, but it’s also grammatically wonky and, to my ear, a little too close to the Ford Galaxy to be a truly exciting name. In any case, we’ll know a lot more about Samsung’s first foldable device after the company’s gala event to launch the Galaxy S10 series tomorrow.