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Leica Q2 leaks out ahead of rumored March announcement

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Weatherproofing and an improved sensor

Image: Nokishita

It’s been nearly four years since Leica released the original Leica Q, and now it looks like its successor, the Leica Q2, has leaked out ahead of a rumored March 6th announcement, via Nokishita.

Assuming the leaked pictures are accurate, the Q2 will retain largely the same design as the original Q, with a few cosmetic changes like a new Q2 logo. The pictures do seem to confirm one major new feature: weatherproofing of some sort, if the water-soaked camera in the leaks is anything to go by.

Image: Nokishita

According to Leica Rumors, the bigger changes for Q2 will happen internally, with a massive jump in resolution from 24 megapixels to a 47-megapixel sensor, along with 4K video support, although that’s harder to confirm from a handful of leaked pictures.

Considering that the Q was a pretty great camera as Leica cameras go, merging the build quality, design, and photography chops that the company is known for with more modern features like autofocus and Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s probably a good thing Leica isn’t messing with the formula too much.

Image: Nokishita