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Corsair made new RAM sticks featuring its tiniest LED lights yet

Corsair made new RAM sticks featuring its tiniest LED lights yet


Vivid individually customizable lights

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Image: Corsair

Corsair just launched the first RAM sticks featuring a new LED technology that fits 100 lights in the space where there were once just four. The Dominator Platinum RGB memory sticks, first shown off at CES last month, are now available. The result is more vivid colors that can be even more customizable than those in previous memory sticks.

The new glamorous DDR4 RAM sticks also come with the possibility of marginally improved performance, too, according to Corsair, although we won’t know until the benchmarks are in. The condensed lights are supposed to draw less power, potentially allowing the sticks to run at tighter timings.

Pretty and speedy

The Dominator Platinum RGB sticks come in packs of two, four, or eight with different capacities and frequencies. The sticks go up to 4,800MHz, and that’s before overclocking. Some of the higher-frequency models aren’t in stock at the moment, but others are readily available on Corsair’s website now. Pricing begins at $159.99 and goes up to $1,564.99 for eight 16GB sticks.

You can still get other budget sticks with comparable performance, but Corsair is hoping that its brand name and the unique Capellix LEDs will be compelling enough to justify the slight premium it’s charging.

Still, that strategy might go a long way for Corsair to entice PC-building enthusiasts. Just look at these photos: