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Google Home speakers are apparently getting Apple Music support

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Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple Music is coming to Google Home, according to Google’s own iOS app for managing its smart speakers. A MacRumors reader first noticed that the Google Home app now lists Apple Music as a service that can be integrated, although the ability is currently non-functional.

This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, given that Apple Music came to Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices late last year. Apple also announced at last month’s CES that it would be building AirPlay and iTunes support into a wide range of TVs to be released in 2019.

Here’s how Apple Music appears in the Google Home app:

Apple Music now listed in the Music section of the Google Home app.

Services are an increasingly important part of Apple’s business, and with Apple Music already available on Android, it makes sense for the company to bring it to as wide a variety of speakers as possible. Not everyone wants a HomePod or an Apple TV.

In a statement released to VentureBeat, a Google spokesperson commented that “Apple Music is currently only available for Google Assistant users on mobile phones. We have nothing to announce regarding updates to Google Home.” Given that the feature clearly showed up in the Google Home app, though, it still seems likely that a more official announcement could be forthcoming at some point in the future.

Update February 26, 1:15pm: Added Google statement from VentureBeat.