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New Huawei P30 Pro leaks show off teardrop notch and quad-camera array

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Huawei is revealing the P30 and P30 Pro next month in Paris

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Huawei’s new flagship phones are slated to get announced late next month, and now today we have our first convincing renders of the device, courtesy of WinFuture. The new P30 Pro, which earlier leaks suggested would come with a “Leica Quad Camera,” does appear to have a camera lens and three sensors on the back of the device.

WinFuture reports that one of the them will be for a 10x optical zoom feature, which aligns with Huawei’s official teaser video when it announced the event date for the reveal. Another could be a time-of-flight sensor used for depth-of-field detection and potentially 3D mapping capabilities. It’s unclear what the fourth would be for, but it could be for ultra-wide shots. The P30 appears to have just a three-camera array, meaning it may simply have the zoom and ultra-wide capabilities, but not the depth-of-field detection of the Pro.

Image: WinFuture
Image: WinFuture

In addition to the camera system, the P30 series also appears to have a teardrop notch design for the front-facing camera module. WinFuture also reports that the both devices will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor to avoid incorporating a chin bezel into the screen. We’ll know more about the phones next month, with Huawei’s Paris reveal event scheduled for March 26th.