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Apple releases new spring colors for Watch bands and iPhone cases

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Now you can get the Smart Battery Case in ‘pink sand’

Along with new wirelessly charging AirPods, Apple has also released a plethora of candy-colored pastel Watch bands and iPhone cases for spring. Most notably, the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case now comes in “pink sand,” after being limited to just black and white initially.

Delft blue, papaya, and spearmint are the hot new color options for the iPhone XS and XS Max silicone cases, as well as the Apple Watch Sport Bands. The leather and leather folio cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max now come in cornflower, sunset, and lilac. Click through the gallery below to check out the new colorways.

There are also new colors for the Sport Loop, Nike Sport Bands, Nike Sport Loop, the Modern Buckle, Leather Loop, and the Hermés leather bands, both the double tour and the single tour bands.

Sport Loop in papaya, cerulean, spearmint, and lilac
Nike Sport Bands in black / hyper grape, spruce fog / vintage lichen, and teal tint / tropical twist.
Modern Buckle in cornflower, lilac, and sunset; Leather Loops in cornflower and sunset.