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Leaked Oppo Reno pictures show off the weirdest notch-killing slider yet

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Can you smell what Oppo is cooking?

Image: Slashleaks

In the quest to purge the dreaded camera notch from smartphones, we’ve seen lots of strange ideas, but Oppo’s latest attempt in its leaked Reno smartphone might be one of the strangest yet: a wedge-shaped pop-up front-facing camera that gives the odd impression that the phone is raising a vaguely disapproving eyebrow at you, via Slashleaks.

The Reno does look a little bizarre, but I kind of like the idea: sort of a compromise between Oppo’s early sliding efforts on the bulky Oppo Find X and the smaller, but far more fragile-looking rectangular sliding camera on the Vivo V15 Pro. Slashleaks also has posted a video showing off the slider in action, which seems to bolster the idea that the Reno leaks are real. Plus it looks like the pop-up eyebrow camera has a few added benefits due to its larger size, which allows it to include a speaker and front-facing flash without compromising that bezel-free look.

Beyond the video and pictures, though, there’s not much more information about the Oppo Reno — specs, price, and release date have all yet to be revealed. But love it or hate it, it’s good to see that Oppo is still willing to try almost anything to kill the notch.

Image: Slashleaks