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Ultimate Ears Studio lets you customize your own colorful UE Boom 3 speaker

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No custom MegaBoom 3 for now, though

One of the defining features of Ultimate Ears’ UE Boom speakers has always been the bright, colorful fabric and rubber designs, and now the company is taking that to the natural endpoint with the launch of Ultimate Ears Studio, which will let users create their own custom color combinations.

It’s a similar sort of ideas as Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab for the Xbox One — users can go to the Ultimate Ears Studio site, and choose from a variety of options for the colors of the fabric body, the end caps, the volume buttons, the rubberized spine, and fabric loop, and even add a brief, text message. The website is simple and easy to use, and to help people get started, Ultimate Ears also has an “I’m feeling lucky” button that will offer pre-generated color combinations for you to then tweak to your liking.

There is, of course, a literal cost to the custom colors: the customized speakers will cost $179.99, compared to the Boom 3’s regular $149 price. The company is also only offering customization for the Boom 3 at launch, and not the larger MegaBoom 3 or the Alexa-equipped UE Blast and MegaBlast, although one can imagine that new speakers could be added over time.