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HP’s first 15-inch Chromebook features a full-size keyboard and IPS touchscreen for $449

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Pretty solid specs for the price

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Image: HP

Chromebooks continue to impress in the price-for-quality department, and the HP Chromebook 15 is no exception. The first ever 15-inch HP Chromebook (15.6 inches to be exact) comes not only with a full-sized keyboard and number pad, but also a blacklit IPS touchscreen and 64GB of base flash storage.

That model starts at $449, and you can pay extra for double the eMMC storage and a faster Intel Core i5 processor, but the company isn’t yet saying how much that will cost.

HP says the device starts shipping today from its online store, but the listing for the HP Chromebook 15 still says “coming soon,” for whatever reason. That said, the device has some impressive specs for a machine of its cost, making it a viable alternative to a standard, full-sized notebook that might cost you a little (to a lot) extra for access to a standard OS.

Other specs include 4GB of onboard memory, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 610 GPU, and up to 13 hours of battery life. IT also comes with a front-facing, wide-angle webcam with dual microphones, and built-in speakers courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. The device comes in either silver or blue finishes.

The HP Chromebook 15 is yet another Chrome OS entry in the larger laptop range, following Asus’ recent entrance into the 15-inch Chromebook market last year. Acer and Lenovo also make 15-inch models.