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The new iPad Pro gets its first Logitech keyboard

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But there’s no smart connector in sight

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Image: Logitech

Logitech has announced its first keyboard for the latest iPad Pro, the Slim Folio Pro. The new keyboard is a backlit alternative to the first-party Smart Keyboard Folio which Apple announced alongside its new tablet last year. Logitech’s model features a dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys and a built-in strap to keep the second generation Apple Pencil secure while it’s magnetically attached and charging from the iPad.

Unlike Apple’s first-party keyboard, the Slim Folio Pro connects over Bluetooth LE rather than using the iPad’s Smart Connector. That means you’ll have to charge the keyboard separately, although you can technically charge it directly from the tablet using a USB-C cable. Unlike the previous model of the Slim Folio which had a battery life of four years thanks to a replaceable coin battery, Logitech says its new keyboard should last for three months on a single charge, based on an assumption of two hours of use a day.

The keyboard turns on automatically when you slide the iPad into typing mode.
Video: Logitech

Logitech’s keyboard also features a row of iOS shortcut keys with controls available for screen brightness, volume, and media playback. The keyboard will automatically turn on and connect to your iPad when you slide it into typing mode, and can be folded behind the tablet if you’d rather be sketching. Unlike Apple’s keyboard which can be used at two angles, Logitech’s model only appears to support a single angle while you’re typing.

The Slim Folio Pro is available in two sizes to match the two current models of iPad Pro. The smaller model for the 11-inch iPad costs $119.99, while the larger 12.9-inch model costs $129.99. That’s a lot cheaper than the $179.99 or $199.99 you’d have to spend on Apple’s folio keyboards.