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Wyze’s next smart home product is an $8 light bulb

Wyze’s next smart home product is an $8 light bulb


The budget smart home company adds lights to its lineup

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Wyze is known for its budget-friendly smart home products, and its latest addition is an $8 smart lightbulb, fitting called the Wyze Bulb. It’s already up for preorders today in Wyze’s app, with shipping planned for later in June, via ZDNet.

Smart lights for cheap

Wyze will only sell the bulbs as $30 four-packs to start at launch, although it plans to sell individual bulbs for the aforementioned $8 price point soon after. The Wyze Bulb will support Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT (not HomeKit), and it can be integrated with Wyze’s other products through its app. The bulbs are 800 lumens, and they allow for control of brightness and color temperature.

The budget bulbs should fit right in next to Wyze’s other products, including the $20 WyzeCam, a surprisingly decent (for the price) security camera that can integrate with Amazon Alexa, and the $20 Wyze Sense system, which expands Wyze’s cameras with contact sensors and motion sensors for added security.