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That tiny Google alarm clock from Lenovo ships next month

That tiny Google alarm clock from Lenovo ships next month


It’s coming June 2nd for $79

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Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

Lenovo’s Smart Clock, the small Google Assistant-equipped smart display that it announced at CES, will be released next month on June 2nd. 9to5Google notes that the device is available to pre-order now at Walmart, Home Depot, and Lenovo’s own online store, and will cost $79 in the US, in line with what Lenovo announced back in January.

The Smart Clock is a smaller version of Lenovo’s existing Smart Display that’s meant more for a bedside table than a kitchen countertop. It’s got a four-inch display that’s mostly going to be useful for checking the time, but you can also use the Smart Clock to charge your devices and play music. It also supports Google Assistant Routines, allowing you to use a single voice command to complete multiple actions. For example, a “bedtime” routine could be used to set an alarm, turn off your Google Assistant smart bulbs, and remind you about the first thing in your calendar for the following day.

Crucially, the Smart Clock doesn’t include a camera, unlike Amazon’s Alexa-equipped competitor, the Amazon Echo Spot. Cameras might be useful for making video calls, but they feel more invasive than necessary in a device that’s meant to sit next to your bed.