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Marshall expands its portable Bluetooth lineup with two new speakers

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The Stockwell II and Tufton join last year’s Kilburn II

Photo: Marshall

Marshall is updating its lineup of portable Bluetooth speakers today with the announcement of the smaller Stockwell II (an updated version of the original Stockwell) and the larger Tufton model. These two speakers join last year’s Kilburn II model, which will stick around as the midsized Goldilocks option.

The goal here is to offer a wider variety of products depending on what size speaker you need, a strategy that’s worked well for the company’s lineup of in-home wired speakers. Some may prefer the $249 Stockwell II, which offers IPX4 water resistance and power bank functionality that’s designed to be thrown in a backpack.

From left to right: the Marshall Kilburn II, Tufton, and Stockwell II.
Photo: Marshall

Others might gravitate toward the $399 Tufton, which Marshall boasts is one of the largest portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, with sound (and volume) to match.

There are some common aspects across the lineup, despite the differences in size. Both new speakers offer Bluetooth 5.0, promise at least 20 hours of battery life, and support fast charging. (Twenty minutes of charging can get you hours of battery life.) The Marshall design aesthetic is also on display here: each speaker features physical controls modeled after the brand’s namesake amps — as always, these speakers aren’t made from the amp company, but rather Zound Industries’ licensed consumer business — as well as a guitar-style carrying strap.

The Stockwell II and Tufton are available starting today.