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Twelve South’s new HiRise Wireless charger tries to compromise between flat and stand designs

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One charger to rule them all?

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Twelve South is cutting the cord with the HiRise Wireless, a new version of the company’s HiRise iPhone stands that (as the name implies) adds wireless Qi charging to the mix.

But what makes the HiRise Wireless stand out is a clever trick Twelve South is adding, allowing the main wireless charging pad to pop out of the stand, letting you also use it as a flat wireless charger (for things like AirPods, or simply for those who just prefer that form factor) or even throw it in a bag to take on the go.

I’ve had the chance to try out the HiRise Wireless for a few days, and it mostly holds up to that promise. The puck is easy to detach from the stand, although attaching it took a few tries to get it to stay just right. And fidgeting with the USB-C cable that powers it makes the whole task a little more annoying than I’d necessary like. That said, the added utility is nice to have, especially for charging something like AirPods, which stand chargers simply can’t do.

The biggest issue I have is with the build quality: the base of the stand is a hefty, weighted piece of leather and metal that looks and feels great. But the actual charging puck and the piece that holds it in place feel like cheap plastic, which is a bit disappointing on an $80 charger.

Specs-wise, the HiRise does check most of the other boxes for a good wireless charger: 10W charging speed (enough to fast charge Android and iPhone devices), and a removable USB-C cable (a USB-A to USB-C cable is included, although not a power brick).

The HiRise Wireless costs $79.99 and is available today from Twelve South.