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A Philips Hue smart plug and exposed filament bulbs appear to be coming

A Philips Hue smart plug and exposed filament bulbs appear to be coming

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The next wave of Philips Hue products appears to have leaked this morning, revealing stylish new bulbs, a smart plug, and a number of new lighting fixtures. The details were reported by iCulture, which says the new products will arrive in September.

The highlight of the leak is a trio of smart bulbs that illuminate a spiral of LEDs that appear like exposed filament. It’s a very trendy look right now, so it makes a lot of sense to see these appear in the Hue bulb lineup. iCulture reports that the bulbs will support Bluetooth as well as Zigbee (what Hue bulbs usually use), which means you may not need a Hue hub to operate them. They’ll reportedly be available in three sizes.

While the Hue line has almost exclusively focused on lighting to date, it looks like that may slightly expand this year. iCulture is reporting that there will also be the first Hue smart plug, which would allow you to remotely cut or enable the power to an appliance. This is a common enough way of turning a regular lamp into a smart lamp, so it still fits within the Hue lineup. It’s possible this could be used to add other simple appliances — like fans, humidifiers, or air filters — into the Hue system, too.

The rest of the September announcements include a tweaked version of the Hue Go portable light, which will apparently be harder to knock over, and several new lighting fixtures, which seem to be for bathroom mirrors.