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Sonos speakers are getting a cheap Ikea wireless controller

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The Symfonisk Sound Remote will cost far less than the $299.99 alternative

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The tiny Sound Remote next to the larger TRÅDFRI gateway and Symfonisk table lamp.
Image: Ikea

Ikea’s Symfonisk speakers will have a dedicated wireless controller when the $179 table lamp and a $99 bookshelf model ship in August. That means that Ikea’s Sonos-compatible speakers will be controllable via the Sonos app, Ikea’s Trådfri smart home app, and the new Symfonisk Sound Remote, which can also control Sonos-branded speakers.

The diminutive Symfonisk Sound Remote is a dedicated wireless remote control unit for any Sonos-compatible speaker, that’s similar in function to Sonos accessories like the $300 Senic Nuimo. It lets you play/pause the audio, change tracks, and control the volume of individual speakers or those already grouped.

The Symfonisk range.
Image: Ikea / Sonos

The Sound Remote requires the same $30 Ikea Trådfri gateway that links together Ikea’s inexpensive smart home products like blind controllers, lights, sockets, sensors, dimmers, and switches. The integration of the Symfonisk and Sonos’ own-branded speakers with Trådfri devices opens up a world of possibilities to automate spaces around whole-home audio within the Trådfri app.

No price has been given for the Symfonisk Sound Remote, but like all of Ikea’s smart home solutions, you can expect it to be relatively cheap.