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Nomad’s latest charging cables are made of actual Kevlar

Nomad’s latest charging cables are made of actual Kevlar


Yup, that Kevlar

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Accessory company Nomad is overhauling its line of charging cables across the board with a major redesign that adds a whole bunch of Kevlar — actual, licensed Kevlar — to the mix for what promises to be even tougher cables than the company’s already-strong cords.

The new cables feature Kevlar K29, an industrial version of the material that’s used in cables (like these charging cords) and also body and vehicle armor, which might make it a bit overkill for charging a phone. Nomad is using the Kevlar both for an braided exterior, as well as for a central internal core for the new cables, which should make them pretty tough to break.

The new Kevlar design is rolling out across Nomad’s entire lineup of cables, with 11 different cords of various lengths and connectors available, including USB-C to USB-C, USB-A to Lightning, “Universal Cables” with a variety of included dongles, and, in a first for Nomad, USB-C to Lighting cables.

As to how strong the cables actually are, Nomad has a video showing the cables being used to tow both people and a van, in case you’re not convinced. I’ve been able to try one of the Lightning to USB-C cables out for a few days, and while I can’t speak to any durability tests (it seems pretty strong to me), it does fast charge my iPhone when connected to an 18W USB-C PD charger, which is good enough for me.

Do you really need a Kevlar charging cable?

The obvious question, of course, is “do you need a Kevlar charging cable?”, to which the answer is “probably not.” Especially when you factor in the price. Nomad’s old cables were already pretty pricey, and that’s not changing with the new Kevlar models, which start at $29.95 for the cheapest, shortest cables and hitting $44.95 for the most expensive (a 3 meter / 10 foot long Lightning to USB-C cable). Nomad does include a five-year guarantee with the cords, though, so you should be able to get plenty of use out of them if you are willing to drop the cash.

Plus, if being made out of the same material as body armor is a requirement for your phone charger, Nomad’s cables are pretty much the only game in town.