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OnePlus says its TV will be called the OnePlus TV

OnePlus says its TV will be called the OnePlus TV


A new logo, but still no release date

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After a lengthy period of deliberation and soliciting ideas from the company’s fanbase, OnePlus has finally revealed the name of its long-in-the-works TV: it’s called the OnePlus TV. A community representative confirmed the name on the OnePlus forums, saying “we believe there’s no other name that can best represent our value, vision and pride than naming it with our own brand.”

OnePlus has also unveiled the OnePlus TV logo, which is a OnePlus logo with the word “TV” next to it. For this, the company was “inspired by classic geometric progression, which can be seen from so many classic art forms, such the ancient Hindu symbol, the mandala, and the famous ancient Greek temple.”

The news might seem a little underwhelming, but it should at least reassure OnePlus fans that the project is still in the works. The company announced its plans to enter the TV market last September, but hasn’t said much about it since. A recent filing with the Bluetooth SIG, however, suggests that the OnePlus TV will run Android and use LED panels in sizes between 43 and 75 inches. Some rumors say that the sets will launch in late September.