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The PS4’s DualShock 4 controller is getting some fresh fall colors

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Controllers, but make them fashion

Sony’s DualShock 4 controller for the PS4 already has dozens of color variants, but that’s not stopping the company from announcing a few more today: electric purple, titanium blue, rose gold, and red camouflage (for blending in to a bright red forest, I guess?).

All four controllers feature a subtle (or, in the case of the red camouflage, not-so-subtle) two-tone color scheme. The electric purple model, in particular, is getting some extra flair in the form of all-white icons for the face buttons in place of Sony’s iconic red / green / pink / blue colors.

As is typical for non-black DualShock 4 controllers, the new colorways will be available for $64.99 in September. That’s $5 more than the standard (boring) version, which starts at $59.99 before the frequent discounts it tends to get.

If you’re a fan of the rose gold color, there’s more good news: Sony will be releasing a matching version of its gold Wireless Headset for the PS4, cleverly called the “rose gold Wireless Headset,” for $99.99 in November.