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This Korean AirPods ad makes me jealous of international case options

This Korean AirPods ad makes me jealous of international case options


The US needs to step up its AirPods case game

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Apple is running a new AirPods advertisement in Korea that shows off a fun side of the popular wireless headphones that the company hasn’t really focused on before: the potential to customize your AirPods by adding a fun, colorful case. There’s a wide variety of cases on display that are modeled after BTS’s BT21 Line characters, Kakao Friends mascots, and more.

It’s not clear whether Apple is using the ad to showcase a bunch of cases that third parties in Asia offer or if this is a prelude to it selling (or even designing its own) AirPods cases in its own stores, but its definitely a fun look.

AirPods cases aren’t new — there are loads of options out there, including the obvious best case, which turns them into a fidget spinner — but Apple doesn’t sell them directly. As my colleague Dami Lee points out, AirPods cases are much more popular in countries like South Korea, which is where this ad happens to be running. There are creative knit designs, keychain holes for accessories, and more.

Jealous US AirPods owners aren’t entirely left out, though: plenty of these cases are available on Amazon or eBay, although you might end up paying a bit extra for shipping.