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Ikea demonstrates its €15 Sonos remote control, launching soon

Ikea demonstrates its €15 Sonos remote control, launching soon


Expected to ship on October 1st in the UK and beyond

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A demonstration of the new Sonos-compatible remote control designed for Ikea Symfonisk speakers.

The Symfonisk remote control now has an official product page showing a price of €14.99. First spotted on the French Ikea website by Tweakers, the remote is designed to control Ikea’s Sonos-compatible Symfonisk speakers and will begin shipping in the UK and beyond on October 1st, according to the reliable Dutch tech site. It’s not yet clear when it’ll be available in the US.

The small controller works like this: Push it down once to pause, again to play; push two or three times to skip tracks forward and back; or rotate the dial to the left or right to decrease or increase the volume. It works on a table or wall thanks to an included magnetic mount.

It’s available in white or black and requires the same $30 Ikea Trådfri gateway that links together Ikea’s inexpensive smart home products like blind controllers, lights, sockets, sensors, dimmers, and switches. The Symfonisk remote control is just the latest gadget from Ikea, with many more expected now that the company has gone all in on the smart home.