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Here’s a cute controller to go with your cute Switch Lite

Here’s a cute controller to go with your cute Switch Lite


8BitDo does it again

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8bitdo Lite
Photo: 8bitdo

If you just picked up a Nintendo Switch Lite and are looking for a suitably adorable controller to match, 8BitDo has just the thing. Today, the company announced the appropriately named 8BitDo Lite, a rectangular gamepad that emulates the look of the Switch Lite so precisely that you might confuse it for a first-party Nintendo product. It’s available in yellow and teal — sorry, gray Switch Lite owners — and features largely the same buttons and functionality as the built-in controls, except with a pair of D-pads in place of the joysticks.

Now, you might be asking why you’d need an extra for a device designed specifically for portable gaming. The most likely answer is for multiplayer play; if you want to get in some impromptu games of Mario Kart 8, you’ll need a few controllers handy. And these are at least tiny enough to toss in a small bag. That may be a very specific use case, but the good thing is, like most 8BitDo products, the new controller works with a range of hardware beyond the Switch Lite, It also supports Windows, Mac, and Android.

The 8BitDo Lite starts shipping on October 30th, and it will cost $24.99. You can preorder on Amazon right now.