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Bang & Olufsen’s first soundbar looks stylish but starts at $1,750

Bang & Olufsen’s first soundbar looks stylish but starts at $1,750


It had better, at that price

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Bang & Olufsen makes both pricey, high-end speakers and pricey, high-end TVs, so the fact that the luxury hardware company has combined those two passions into a pricey, high-end soundbar — the Beosound Stage — isn’t exactly shocking news. The only surprise here is that it took the company this long to do it.

Beosound Stage is B&O’s first soundbar, according to the company (whether or not you count the existing — and extremely soundbar-shaped — Beosound 35 as a soundbar depends on your speaker nomenclature preferences). At any rate, it’s the first soundbar from the company that’s specifically designed to hook up to a TV for watching movies and television shows.

That said, it’s still a high-end B&O speaker, which means that it’s got some serious audio hardware on board. The Beosound Stage features a three-channel sound system, with 11 drivers (including four woofers, which B&O claims obviate the need for a separate subwoofer), along with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity, in addition to the HDMI ARC port that you’ll use to connect it to a TV.

As one would expect from a B&O speaker, it also looks incredible, with a choice of either aluminum or “smoked oak” frames, with subtly hidden buttons for directly controlling the built-in speaker.

The biggest catch, as always, is the cost: the Beosound Stage starts at $1,750 for the aluminum version, with the oak version set to cost even more at $2,600. There’s no release date yet, although B&O promises that the Beosound Stage will be out sometime in “late autumn.”