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Braun speakers make a return with Airplay 2 and Google Assistant

Braun speakers make a return with Airplay 2 and Google Assistant


Or rather, Pure Audio speakers with Braun branding

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Legendary design brand Braun is back in the speaker business with its first new products since the original Dieter Rams-designed LE line 28 years ago, launching a trio of modern takes on the classic speakers at IFA 2019: the LE01, LE02, and LE03, via 9to5Mac.

Or, sort of: the speakers aren’t technically being produced by Braun itself, but rather by Pure Audio, which licensed the Braun Audio branding from Procter & Gamble earlier this year. That said, the three new speakers are clearly inspired by Rams’ original design, albeit with some modern innovations added in, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That also means the new speakers support things like AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Google Assistant, thanks to built-in microphones.

Braun tries to re-enter the premium audio market

The speakers also can be paired up for stereo sound, and offer both a 3.5mm headphone jack (for direct audio input) and an Ethernet port (should you not want to rely on your Wi-Fi). And for those who just want to listen to music without worrying about Google listening in on them, there’s also a dedicated privacy button that will switch off the microphones.

As for the design, they look nice enough, with more rounded corners than Rams’ original cubic style. They’ll likely blend in fine with your minimalist living room setup, if that’s a concern. The more important question is how they sound, which will have to wait until we can hear them in person, although Engadget reports that the speakers made a good early impression.

Braun is releasing three models of the resurrected LE line: the largest, the $1,199 LE01; a midsize $799 LE02 model; and relatively small (and square) LE03 version for $379. All three sizes will come in either black or white color options and are set to go on sale in October.