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Blurry photo suggests Samsung’s next foldable is ‘Bloom,’ with S11 flagship to become S20

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Samsung reportedly targeting female customers with next foldable

Left: a purported leak of Samsung’s marketing material. Right: an official Samsung concept.
via Ajunews and Samsung

Could Samsung’s next foldable phone be named the Galaxy Bloom?

That’s what Korean outlet Ajunews is reporting, showing a blurry photo of what it claims is an early marketing image for the Bloom. The outlet’s story (which we spotted via SamMobile) says that Samsung told partners at a closed-door meeting at CES that their next foldable is modeled after a makeup compact and intended to appeal to female customers. According to the same report, the upcoming S11 will actually be named the S20.

As ever with such rumors, it’s not possible to completely trust what we’ve read, but the report does line up with what we’ve previously heard about Samsung’s next foldable and the names of its upcoming flagship smartphones.

A teaser image for the Bloom matches the design of purported leaked handsets, and Koh reportedly told partners that the phone would use foldable glass instead of a plastic polymer for its display — a key spec that’s also previously been hinted at.

The purported leak from Ajunews matches earlier pictures supposedly showing Samsung’s “Fold 2.”
Image: 王奔宏 via Weibo

What’s new is the name and marketing for the Bloom. Ajunews says Samsung wants the device to appeal to young women, and says its clamshell design is easy to hold in one hand. Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh reportedly told one partner: “We designed Galaxy Bloom with the motif of compact powder from French cosmetics brand Lancôme.”

Hardware specs for the Bloom are still mostly a mystery, but Ajunews gives us two new snippets: it’ll be able to record 8K video, and a 5G version will be released in South Korea.

Other news from the meeting concerns Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line. Matching previous reports we’ve seen, the company’s next big smartphone will not be called the S11, as many expected, but the S20, perhaps as a nod to the new decade. It’ll reportedly launch with three variants: a regular device, a lower-spec option, and an “Ultra” version.

Bear in mind these are all still rumors, but we expect to hear much more about the S20 and the Galaxy Bloom at Samsung’s big unpacked event next month on February 11th.