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Wemo’s new WiFi Smart Plug gets an even tinier redesign

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Along with the Wemo Stage, a HomeKit-compatible scene remote

Wemo WiFi Smart Plug
Image: Wemo

Wemo has a new smart plug out at CES 2020, the (aptly named) WiFi Smart Plug, which replaces the existing Wemo Mini plug with an even tinier design. The company also announced the Wemo Stage, a scene-controlling switch / remote that’s designed to easily switch between smart home presets.

The WiFi Smart Plug should look fairly familiar to anyone who’s bought into Wemo’s smart home equipment — it’s effectively identical to the Wemo Mini, just smaller. Like its predecessor, it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, as well as the Wemo app for controlling whatever you plug into it (like a lamp, fan, air conditioner, etc.).

The old Wemo Mini was already fairly small, but if you’re someone who had concerns about blocking other outlets with a smart plug, the WiFi Smart Plug should in theory help with that, given that Wemo has managed to shrink it down to just slightly larger than the three-prong interface.

Wemo Stage
Image: Wemo

The Wemo Stage is a scene remote / switch for controlling smart home setups. It can be pre-programmed with either the Wemo app or Apple’s Home app to support up to six different scene configurations (with a long or short press available for each of the three buttons). The remote itself can either be clipped into one of Wemo’s existing Wemo or Decora wall plates to use as a light switch, or popped out and used as a wireless remote.

The WiFi Smart Plug will cost $24.99 when it ships in the spring, while the Wemo Stage will cost $49.99 when it releases this summer.