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Moshi’s chargers, cables, and batteries now come with a 10-year warranty

Moshi’s chargers, cables, and batteries now come with a 10-year warranty


Register your product for the warranty to take effect

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Image: Moshi

Moshi’s accessory lineup, which includes portable batteries, adapters, and cables, now comes with a 10-year warranty, the company announced today at CES. You’ll need to have purchased your product from an authorized reseller and then register it on Moshi’s website to benefit from the longer warranty period. Any Moshi products you’ve previously registered are also included in the new 10-year warranty.

Moshi’s announcement specifically cites environmental concerns as being the reason for the longer warranty period. Although it won’t guarantee that the company’s products will last longer before ending up in landfills, the initiative should motivate Moshi to produce items that won’t fail within the 10-year window. It might not match the lifetime warranty Anker offers on some of its products, but most modern tech is likely to become outdated well before that distinction matters.

A longer warranty is an incentive to make products that last

Most typical warranty limitations still apply despite the longer period. Damages resulting from accidents, abuse, misuse, or improper care aren’t covered, and you also won’t be able to make claims under warranty for cosmetic damage resulting from normal wear and tear. Also, although the new warranty covers purchases going back a decade, Moshi told us you’ll need to have previously registered them for the 10-year warranty to take effect. A full list of Moshi’s warranty terms and conditions are available here, and here’s a guide on how to get your Moshi product replaced if it fails on you.

Now that the industry is finally converging on a few key standards like USB-C, accessories like chargers, cables, and batteries are likely to remain useful for a much longer period of time. That means a long warranty like this could end up being very useful. Moshi has set the bar high, and it would be great to see others follow suit.