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Sega’s Game Gear Micro is visibly smaller than the Dreamcast’s VMU

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Nothing could convince me to pay $50 to carry just four games, but this comes close

I can’t put it better than SEGAbits: “Famitsu magazine took the photo we all wanted to see.”

The photo is of Sega’s upcoming Game Gear Micro — perhaps the most ridiculous miniature gaming nostalgia bomb ever announced by virtue of the exorbitant price you’ll pay to carry just four games at a time — and the Dreamcast’s infamous VMU, also known as the unholy spawn of a PlayStation memory card and the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Truth be told, I didn’t know I needed to see this photo until I saw it, because I never could have imagined the glory that I now behold. Or maybe just because I didn’t do the math.

It also reminds me that although Chaim has an excellent column called Button of the Month, he has yet to fulfill his 2018 promise to one day feature the Dreamcast’s VMU.

It’s time, Chaim.