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Fitbit Charge 4 leaks, looks a lot like the Fitbit Charge 3

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Rumors say Fitbit will make NFC standard this time

Image: 9to5Google

The Fitbit Charge 4 — the upcoming replacement for the 2018-era Charge 3 fitness tracker — has been revealed in a series of leaks this week, including the latest from 9to5Google that reveals the design. In short: it looks virtually identical to the Fitbit Charge 3.

That makes sense, given that the Charge 3 just brought a major redesign to the product lineup when it was released in 2018. It’s also a very well-designed Fitbit, so it’s hard to ding Fitbit too much for sticking with a design that works. The similar design also means that Charge 3 owners will still be able to use their old bands with the new model.

Image: 9to5Google

It’s still not entirely clear what new features the Charge 4 will offer over the Charge 3. Federal Communications Commission listings don’t seem to indicate that onboard GPS — one of the major missing features on the old model — will be appearing on the Charge 4. 9to5Google speculates that Fitbit might be adding an always-on display, similar to the one it added on the Versa 2. And the FCC listing indicates that Fitbit may be making NFC a standard feature, as opposed to one that’s limited to the Special Edition models (as has been the case for previous versions of the Charge).

Fitbit has yet to officially announce the Charge 4, so we’ll likely have to wait for official word to find out what the major changes on the internal or software sides of the product are. Still, with all these leaks appearing, it likely won’t be long until a more formal announcement arrives.