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Lenovo’s new ThinkPad keyboard is the best way to get the infamous nub on your desktop

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The new model adds USB-C and an updated keyboard layout

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The ThinkPad mouse nub — i.e., the TrackPoint — is a controversial piece of technology. People tend to either despise the red dot-shaped substitute for a real mouse, or adore it as the single best mouse solution around. For those in the second camp is Lenovo’s new $99 ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II, an updated version of its old wireless keyboard that lets you use that good TrackPoint nub UI with your desktop computer.

The TrackPoint II — which was announced at CES, but goes on sale today — is pretty similar to the old ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint model, albeit with a new design that’s based on the more modern ThinkPad X1’s keyboard design and layout.

Unlike the old model, though, the TrackPoint II only offers wireless connectivity, either through Bluetooth or an included USB dongle (although it supports both Windows and Android). The trade-off for wired connectivity is a switch over to USB-C for charging, instead of Micro USB, which seems like a worthwhile swap.

The ThinkPad TrackPoint II is available today from Lenovo’s online store.