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SteelSeries’ new iOS gaming controller claims 50 hours of battery life and better buttons

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The company’s latest Apple gaming controller adds clickable joysticks

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Image: SteelSeries

SteelSeries has announced the Nimbus Plus, a new controller designed for gaming on Apple devices.

The Nimbus Plus improves on its predecessor with some new features, such as clickable joysticks, a claimed 50-hour battery life, and ultra-responsive triggers.

Like its predecessor, the Nimbus Plus charges via a Lightning connector and has a Made for iPhone (MFi) certification. The licensing program allows third-party devices to take advantage of features available on Apple’s hardware, such as optimized button mapping.

The Nimbus Plus will come bundled with a mount for the controller, which you can use to game on your iPhone easily. A SteelSeries spokesperson told The Verge that the Nimbus Plus “will allow users to play tons of Apple Arcade games across the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (and Mac).”

This is basically an iOS version of SteelSeries’ Stratus Duo controller. Both controllers have a similar design, which includes “Menu” and “Home” buttons. However, the Stratus Duo is compatible with Android and Windows devices.

The Nimbus Plus is available for purchase now on Apple’s website for $69.99, making it around $20 more than its predecessor and $10 more than the Status duo. SteelSeries is slated to sell the controller on its website starting on May 26th.