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iFixit’s Galaxy Buds Live teardown shows that even Samsung calls them beans

iFixit’s Galaxy Buds Live teardown shows that even Samsung calls them beans


With a repairability score of 8 

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iFixit, a company known for its tech product teardowns, has dissected Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones. Despite not officially calling them Galaxy Beans, the word “bean” is actually printed inside each earbud — which shows that at one point or another, the company was totally calling these earbuds the vegetables they resemble.  

Comparing to other wireless earbuds like Apple’s AirPods Pro, iFixit points out the Galaxy Buds Live are not hard to pry open, and actually some of the easiest buds they’ve ever dissected. Inside, you can clearly see “bean left” and “bean right” on the cable that connects the two halves of each earbud.

Image: iFixit

iFixit also found that the battery is a standard size and not too difficult to replace, but you will have to gently lift up the glued driver before you can pull the battery out. The Galaxy Buds Live uses a 3.7v CP1254 lithium-ion battery, a button battery that’s, unfortunately, difficult to find online, according to iFixit. 

iFixit also discovered in the teardown that the Galaxy Buds Live’s wireless charging case includes a 1.81 Wh battery, which it says is “substantially bigger than” the batteries found in wireless charging cases for both the Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus — which makes sense given Samsung’s battery life claims. The company says that the Galaxy Buds Live includes up to 29 hours of battery life when both the earbuds and charging case are fully charged, compared to 13 hours for the Galaxy Buds and 22 hours for the Galaxy Buds Plus. 

The organization awarded Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds with an eight out of ten in repairability. That’s not surprising considering previous Galaxy Buds were some of the more repairable wireless earbuds iFixit had seen.