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RetroN Sq is a cube-shaped console for playing Game Boy titles on your TV

Launching on March 25th for $75, but preorders are now up

The RetroN Sq comes in two colors: “black gold” and “hyper beach.”
Image: Hyperkin

Hyperkin is best known for making gaming peripherals, but it also creates clones of consoles that allow you to play retro games in modern resolutions. Now it is releasing a new retro console that will allow you to play Game Boy games on your TV. Hyperkin's RetroN Sq (Square) is a console that will allow you to play Game Boy, GBC, and GBA cartridges.

The RetroN Square includes one wired USB “Scout” controller with a shape similar to a SNES controller. Instead of composite video hook-ups, the RetroN Sq connects to a TV via HDMI with games upscaled to 720p resolution; there’s also a switch that will allow you to switch the aspect ratio to either 4:3 or 16:9, depending on your preference.

The console will allow you to natively play Game Boy and GBC cartridges, while GBA games are listed as a “beta feature,” but it does not note which GBA games are compatible. The back of the console includes a microSD card slot, allowing you to store firmware for the system.

I know the official product name hints it is supposed to be a square-shaped console, yet the design looks more like a color, compact Nintendo GameCube that strictly plays Game Boy cartridges, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Hyperkin’s RetroN Sq will release on March 25th for $75. But if you already know you want to buy one, you can preorder your unit at Hyperkin’s website. The gadget comes in two colors: “black gold” and “hyper beach,” which to me looks more like a turquoise color.