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Climate Change

Climate change is already shaping what the future will look like and plunging the world into crisis. Cities are adapting to more frequent and intense extreme weather events, like superstorms and heatwaves. People are already battling more destructive wildfires, salvaging flooded homes, or migrating to escape sea level rise. Policies and economies are also changing as world leaders and businesses try to cut down global greenhouse gas emissions. How energy is produced is shifting, too — from fossil fuels to carbon-free renewable alternatives like solar and wind power. New technologies, from next-generation nuclear energy to devices that capture carbon from the atmosphere, are in development as potential solutions. The Verge is following it all as the world reckons with the climate crisis.

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What the future of lab-grown meat could look like

You could have your pig and eat it, too!

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Wind farms could join oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

Google Cloud and Oracle servers suffer cooling breakdowns during UK heatwave

UK heatwave breaks records as Brits roast in 40 C temperatures

London Luton Airport suspended flights after its runway buckled due to the UK heat

The UK’s blistering heatwave is just the beginning

NASA just launched a powerful new instrument to study dust

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Bitcoin mining could bring higher electricity bills and more pollution to Texas

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New York denies air permit to Bitcoin mining power plant

The Supreme Court just decided a major climate court case

The Supreme Court just took away an EPA tool to fight climate change — what happens next?

Cleaning up the US power grid will take an act of Congress

Construction begins on ‘Mammoth’ direct air capture plant