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Climate Change

Climate change is already shaping what the future will look like and plunging the world into crisis. Cities are adapting to more frequent and intense extreme weather events, like superstorms and heatwaves. People are already battling more destructive wildfires, salvaging flooded homes, or migrating to escape sea level rise. Policies and economies are also changing as world leaders and businesses try to cut down global greenhouse gas emissions. How energy is produced is shifting, too — from fossil fuels to carbon-free renewable alternatives like solar and wind power. New technologies, from next-generation nuclear energy to devices that capture carbon from the atmosphere, are in development as potential solutions. The Verge is following it all as the world reckons with the climate crisis.

Clean energy tech needs to be designed for recycling, experts say

Bill Gates’ climate fund looks to funnel billions into carbon removal, green hydrogen, and more

Biden administration announces major new initiatives to clean up the electric grid

California budget aims to clear up port congestion and pollution

GM finally bends the knee to California’s authority to set vehicle pollution rules

Colonialism still influences the earth sciences today — and that’s a big problem for research

Colorado fires close out a year of disastrous drought

Plans to capture CO2 from coal plants wasted federal dollars, watchdog says

2021 was the year clean energy finally faced its mining problem

Fight climate change by eating your leftovers this holiday season

After Build Back Better, here’s how the US can still clean up its power grid

The EV revolution’s next big roadblock: access to chargers

EPA issues new rule to curb tailpipe pollution, fight climate change

Google still ran ads on climate denial, despite promising to stop

New York becomes largest US city to ban new gas hookups

Rising temperatures are causing an unprecedented transformation in the Arctic

A tornado expert explains why last week’s twisters were so devastating

The science behind tornadoes is still evolving

Biden wants the US government to eliminate CO2 emissions by 2050

Power companies commit to building nationwide EV charging network

Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund commits another $443 million to climate justice and conservation

As warehouses take off, they need to kick natural gas

Renewables see record growth in 2021, but supply chain problems loom

Exxon’s new Gulf of Mexico leases aren’t what they seem

Clean energy faces its own supply chain crisis

Last year’s record-breaking power outages are a red flag for public health 

‘Deep regret’: Global climate summit fails developing nations once again

2020 was the worst year yet for power outages in the US

How Bezos’ latest plan to protect forests could backfire

The US has big, new plans to pull CO2 out of the air

Surprise! Facebook’s climate denial problem got worse this year

Democrats’ infrastructure bills don’t go far enough on cleaning up the power grid

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