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Command Line

Command Line is a weekly newsletter about the tech industry’s inside conversation. Each week, The Verge’s Alex Heath peels back the curtain on tech’s most influential players, delivering scoops, interviews, and analysis you won’t find elsewhere. Subscribe here.

OpenAI wants to be the App Store of AI

The creator of ChatGPT is taking a big swing with its new store for AI bots. Are we witnessing the beginning of a new platform?

Inside X’s first all-hands meeting

Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino addressed X employees together for the first time since renaming the company.

Google’s postpandemic ‘reckoning’

Why fresh layoffs inside Google this week signal that more could be on the horizon.

Linda Yaccarino was set up to fail

Will Elon let her be more than a ‘CEO in Name Only?’ Also: takeaways from my interview with Mark Zuckerberg, layoffs hit Snap and Epic Games, and more.

The chaos at Unity

One of the gaming industry’s most important players is feeling the heat after a controversial business change. Plus: layoff fears inside Epic Games, and US versus Google kicks off.

What it’s like to work at Elon Musk’s X

With the Twitter brand now gone, what’s in it for the remaining employees at X Corp? Also: I got my eyeballs scanned by Sam Altman’s Worldcoin orb.

What’s next for Threads

It’s all about retention now, and ActivityPub support is a ‘long while’ off. Also: Facebook hits 3 billion monthly users.