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A new coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China, at the beginning of December 2019, and it has spread rapidly around the world. The World Health Organization declared a global public health emergency over the outbreak, which has affected tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries. The new coronavirus causes a disease called COVID-19, which has symptoms like fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and other respiratory problems. It's mild in most people but can be severe or deadly in some cases, especially for the elderly and those who have underlying health issues. Public health officials are working to understand how dangerous this virus is, how fast it's spreading, and how to contain it. As that work continues, the virus is causing anxiety around the world.

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How to order free rapid covid tests from the US government — again

You can once again apply for four free covid tests to be delivered to your household.

A guide to the COVID-19 pandemic

The science, the tech response, and what you can do

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Don’t throw out your old expired COVID-19 tests — check this site first.

My wife and I just rescued six perfectly good tests from the trash! Yes, many COVID-19 tests are effective longer than pharma companies originally wrote, and you can easily find the new date by looking up your test and its Lot Code at the FDA.

Also: you can now get another free 4-pack from the US government.

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The US government is once again sending out free covid tests.

After stopping the program last September, the US government is now offering another set of four free home rapid antigen tests to each household. Here’s how you can order yours.

Where’s the next generation of COVID-19 shots?

Omicron boosters might be around the corner