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Vine successor Byte will share 100 percent of ad revenue with creators during partner pilot

Vine successor Byte will share 100 percent of ad revenue with creators during partner pilot


Byte shares initial details of its partner program

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Vine reboot Byte has shared initial details of its partner program, which will give creators monetization options among other benefits like direct contact with the company, access to experimental features, meet and greets, and Byte apparel.

The short-form video app created by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann launched last week on iOS and Android, and it saw more than 780,000 downloads in its first weekend, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower. By comparison, Byte competitor TikTok has 1.5 billion all-time downloads and pulled in 8.2 million downloads in the same weekend. But Byte’s new partner program gives it a leg up over TikTok, which doesn’t offer a direct monetization option for creators.

“We’re exploring multiple ways to help creators get paid. The Partner Program is only the first.”

Byte says its long-term plan is to have the majority of its revenue going to creators, and a minority going toward operations and business. The partner program will be by invitation, with Byte reaching out to creators to join, though users can fill out this Google Form to be considered. The program will be US-only to start, and Byte says it will reach out to creators in the next few weeks to launch with its initial partner pool in the next two to three months.

Partner pool money will be funded by ads, but Byte is also promising those ads will not run in the Following feed or run as pre-roll ads in front of Byte videos. The company says its ads also won’t rely on retargeting, a tracking technique for following people across the web to try to convince them to buy a product they may have looked at online. The app will share 100 percent of ad revenue with creators during its initial pilot period.

Ad revenue will be based on a viewership bracket system which will determine how much creators get paid. Partner pools will be established every 120 days, with payouts in four 30-day installment periods. Creators will be placed in brackets depending on the total viewership of their posts within 30-day periods, and all partners in a viewership bracket will be paid the same amount.

Because the app is still just a week old and the partner program is still in its infancy, Byte says its partner pools and payment amounts will start out small. Still, it’s a promising start and an encouraging message that the app values creators and takes their financial well-being seriously. “We built Byte for creators,” the company writes. “We believe that more evenly compensating a greater number of creators will contribute to a healthier, more creative community.”