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From the erratic ups and downs in bitcoin and ethereum value, to the explosion in initial coin offerings, and the unstoppable demand for mining-ready GPUs, cryptocurrency has become an inescapable story. It's also become increasingly difficult to make sense of — as the industry expands, new currencies sprout up, and companies form overnight. Check here for the complete coverage of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, Venezuela's petro, cryptocurrencies at large, and the ways that ICOs and the underlying blockchain technology are helping shape a burgeoning industry and giving life to a new wave of startups and entrepreneurs.

So Snoop Dogg just claimed to be a prominent NFT booster

OpenSea has an app, but you can’t buy NFTs on it

Coinbase cancels Lend program launch after SEC fight

Treasury to issue new cryptocurrency sanctions after ransomware attacks

OpenSea’s product chief is out after insider NFT flipping accusations

OpenSea product chief accused of flipping NFTs using insider information

SIM swapper charged in cryptocurrency theft scheme

Litecoin price jumped 20 percent after hoax linked the cryptocurrency to Walmart 

You can now buy a $475 NFT ticket to see Beeple’s $69 million NFT at an IRL party

Blockchain, explained

Blocks? Chains? How does this whole thing work?

Robinhood opens up a slow and steady approach to crypto investing

Coinbase says SEC threatened lawsuit over Lend feature

How a GameStonk YouTuber is shaking up the California recall

Crypto exchanges struggle as El Salvador adopts Bitcoin

El Salvador becomes first country to adopt Bitcoin as an official currency

Someone paid more than $300K for a fake Banksy NFT — and the scammer gave it all back

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Who’ll make the next million-dollar NFT?

Controversial crypto rules remain in infrastructure bill after House vote

Poly Network hacker gave back more than $600 million in stolen crypto

Justice Department says facial recognition helped end an almost 15-year manhunt

Binance is facing an unconventional new legal claim over May 19th outage

NFTs, explained

I have questions about this emerging... um... art form? Platform?

Cryptocurrency supporters are in the middle of their first big fight in Congress

Walmart is on the hunt for someone to develop cryptocurrency products

The Tether controversy, explained

How stable are stablecoins?

A hacker stole over $600 million of crypto coins — now they might be giving it back

The JRR Token cryptocurrency is almost certainly headed for Mt. Doom

Memestock AMC now plans to accept Bitcoin

Senate approves $1 trillion infrastructure package as crypto worries loom

Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will unite the world, but doesn’t say how

Senate cryptocurrency tax reporting deal fails

SEC charges crypto exchange execs for the first time over unregistered token sales