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From the erratic ups and downs in bitcoin and ethereum value, to the explosion in initial coin offerings, and the unstoppable demand for mining-ready GPUs, cryptocurrency has become an inescapable story. It's also become increasingly difficult to make sense of — as the industry expands, new currencies sprout up, and companies form overnight. Check here for the complete coverage of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, Venezuela's petro, cryptocurrencies at large, and the ways that ICOs and the underlying blockchain technology are helping shape a burgeoning industry and giving life to a new wave of startups and entrepreneurs.

$150 million ‘Much Wow’ yacht left behind by crypto hedge fund’s collapse

Reddit partners with crypto exchange FTX to help users manage community points

Alleged Tornado Cash developer arrested in Amsterdam

Ethereum’s big proof-of-stake blockchain switch could happen on September 15th

Hackers and fraudsters used crypto bridge RenBridge to launder $540 million, says report

Crypto lender Hodlnaut follows other firms in freezing withdrawals

Cameo’s CEO fell victim to the latest Bored Ape NFT heist

US Treasury bans Tornado Cash mixer for role in crypto money laundering

Mark Zuckerberg’s custom Little League baseball card is getting turned into an NFT

Multimillion-dollar Solana crypto theft linked to Slope mobile wallet

Textbook publisher: NFTs will let us squeeze even more money out of students

Solana ecosystem hit by hack draining millions in crypto from 8,000 hot wallets

MicroStrategy CEO steps down as company takes a $917 million hit on its Bitcoin investments

Tiffany is selling custom CryptoPunk pendants for $50,000

Helium says its crypto mesh network is used by Lime and Salesforce — it isn’t

Apple and Google come under scrutiny for scammy crypto apps

The Dune bible crypto collective wants to sell its Dune bible

Crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly facing an SEC investigation over securities

Titanium Blockchain CEO pleads guilty to $21 million crypto fundraising scam

Chipotle courts the gullible with a crypto game

Yes, crypto Twitter, the FBI is reading your tweets

Square Enix summons Meteor, launches its NFT project

Minecraft owner bans in-game NFTs to discourage profiteering

Tesla sold 75 percent of its Bitcoin

Democratic lawmakers ask federal agencies to crack down on crypto mining

Giant NFT marketplace OpenSea lays off about 20 percent of its staff

Texas’ fragile grid isn’t ready for crypto mining’s explosive growth

Bitcoin mining could bring higher electricity bills and more pollution to Texas

The new South Park movie is basically just one long crypto roast

Crypto lending company Celsius Network has filed for bankruptcy

Liquidators for crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital say they can’t find founders

Texas heatwave and energy crunch curtails Bitcoin mining

GameStop’s NFT market has arrived just in time for a crypto market crash