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Culture encompasses books, movies, television, music, video games, internet memes, and thousands of branches of art. And sure, culture includes the latest entertainment news too. At The Verge, we construct entry points both into the mainstream and the niche, the tentpoles and the hidden gems, to help make the most notable and discussed parts of the cultural conversation understandable and accessible to everyone.

What exactly is the Jodorowsky’s Dune crypto collective trying to make, anyway?

Jack Dorsey’s hot Web3 takes are apparently too much for Marc Andreessen to handle

After 21 years Google Toolbar is finally gone, so we installed it one last time

People spent 15 hours roleplaying a McDonald’s drive-thru on Twitter Spaces

Amazon’s west coast server outage is over, and Twitch is back up

It’s always DNS (Unless it’s AWS)

Key Speakers At Bitcoin 2021 Event

Internet Culture

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Nike just bought a virtual shoe company that makes NFTs and sneakers ‘for the metaverse’

The Verge is now on your smart TV

All 53,000 attendees of Anime NYC urged to get tested after one got Omicron

The Tolkien estate has smote JRR Token — but the NFTs persist

NFT makers are trying to build the next Disney

There’s a long way to go

LA’s Staples Center will be renamed ‘ Arena’

Disney’s text-to-speech TikTok voices censored words like “gay” and “lesbian”

So Snoop Dogg just claimed to be a prominent NFT booster

Spawn Together campaign surpasses $1 million fundraising goal for AbleGamers charity

Dark Souls 3 screenshots


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NFTs, explained

I have questions about this emerging... um... art form? Platform?

Do we see others online as human?

We’re all people, right?

NYT crossword puzzle no longer works in third-party apps, crosses puzzle solvers

Thanks to the Rickroll, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ hits 1 billion YouTube plays

How a teen punk led a movement for disabled people online

Rayssa Leal’s skateboarding went viral on Vine — she just won an Olympic medal

Here are the finalists to be included in Emoji 14.0 this September

Mark Mothersbaugh on composing music you won’t tire of in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is selling the first web browser’s code as an NFT


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A Lord of the Rings anime movie is headed to theaters

J.J. Abrams says the Valve Portal movie is ‘finally on the rails’

Today I learned about the band making a giant marble-based instrument

A 20-year-old Xbox Easter egg has been revealed, and there may still be more

New research shows how many important links on the web get lost to time

The internet never forgets — unless we’re talking about links

New Dark Patterns tip line lets you report evil tech company menus

Imperfect offerings: inside the complex new world of trans tech

The ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video is being auctioned as an NFT — then deleted ‘forever’

Go read this story about how TikTok and apps are making Starbucks orders obnoxious

Walmart confirms it is indeed still selling Pokémon cards

Friends reunion will premiere on HBO Max May 27th

Target will stop selling Pokémon cards in stores

Coda is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure that crosses Fury Road with Lord of the Rings