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Culture encompasses books, movies, television, music, video games, internet memes, and thousands of branches of art. And sure, culture includes the latest entertainment news too. At The Verge, we construct entry points both into the mainstream and the niche, the tentpoles and the hidden gems, to help make the most notable and discussed parts of the cultural conversation understandable and accessible to everyone.

Nintendo’s NES controller for the Switch is a great but pricey way to play 8-bit games

A new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery ups the stakes for season 2

YouTube brings its trending charts to the YouTube Music app

Sega brings Genesis classics like Sonic and Streets of Rage to Amazon’s Fire TV

Netflix is testing an instant replay feature

Netflix’s instant replay feature test isn’t going over well

Internet Culture

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Netflix’s Tidelands was tailor-made for a nudity-based drinking game

The 20 best TV series of 2018

The 10 best comics of 2018

Gris is like a stunning animated movie that you can play

YouTube Rewind 2018 is officially the most disliked video on YouTube

Pokémon Go’s PvP Trainer Battles are now live

The Free Music Archive will live on

Facebook and ZeniMax settle legal battle over Oculus VR and stolen secrets

Epic will let other game developers use Fortnite’s cross-platform tools for free


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Blizzard’s Overwatch League will have its first home games in Atlanta, Dallas, and LA next year

Djay relaunched on iOS with subscription model and powerful performance features

But there are lots of new goodies

The five emoji skin tone options don’t accommodate a diverse world

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Coffee Meets Bagel redesigns its app and introduces profile commenting

Cold War propaganda spread the myth that science isn’t political

Doom is getting a 25th anniversary mod from the game’s co-creator

Epic removes all Infinity Blade games from the App Store

8BitDo’s wireless adapter is the best way to use a GameCube controller with a Switch

PewDiePie gives shout out to hateful, anti-Semitic YouTube channel


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How Searching star John Cho became convinced computer screen movies weren’t just gimmicks

New Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer showcases humongous monster showdown

Sony’s PlayStation Classic gets wireless controller support with this adapter

Fortnite is getting swords

New Stranger Things season 3 teaser includes official episode titles

season 3 episode titles have arrived

Soulja Boy is selling his own cheap, rebranded video game consoles

Lethal League Blaze turns handball into a stylish fighting game

An artist on creating the retro art for a new edition of Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers

The Black Mirror card game isn’t soul-crushing enough to reflect the show

Netflix will release a new Ghost in the Shell anime in 2020

Two unlikely cops are paired up to solve murders in a war-torn Tokyo in Ninth Step Station

How Kevin Hart tweeted himself out of a job hosting the Oscars

The Game Awards has made its peace with what it can and can’t do