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Culture encompasses books, movies, television, music, video games, internet memes, and thousands of branches of art. And sure, culture includes the latest entertainment news too. At The Verge, we construct entry points both into the mainstream and the niche, the tentpoles and the hidden gems, to help make the most notable and discussed parts of the cultural conversation understandable and accessible to everyone.

Lego’s original spaceship, the Galaxy Explorer, is back and better than ever

The 1979 classic returns with retractable landing gear

How fandom built the internet as we know it, with Kaitlyn Tiffany

Her new book on the long history of fangirls, from the Beatles to One Direction

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NFTs, explained

Sheryl Sandberg on leaving Meta

Discord adds text chat directly inside your voice channels

Just click the chat bubble

A black icon with Snapchat’s ghost logo outlined in gold with a plus badge.

Internet Culture

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The TweetDeck Mac app will go away on July 1st

Lego’s next batch of official unofficial sets go on sale May 17th, and you’ll want to be quick

Broadway theater installs IR camera system to catch audience members trying to record nude scenes

Crypto is winning and Bitcoin diehards are furious about it

As cryptocurrency thrives, Bitcoiners seethe

Jeff Bezos is already testing Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech by trolling

This AI clone of Reddit’s Am I The Asshole forum will give you the best bad advice

Telegram now lets you set any sound for your notifications 

Reddit adds comment searching to help improve search results

Substack accidentally sent duplicate emails for some of its newsletters


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NYT’s new WordleBot tries to gamify something that probably doesn’t need it

Watching the r/Place timelapse is like staring into the heart of Reddit

The April Fools’ experiment is a great expression of internet culture

TweetDeck might become a paid Twitter Blue feature

How Ukrainians are fundraising in cryptocurrency

More than $9.9 million has been donated so far

Paramount’s reportedly spinning up a Beyblade movie with Jerry Bruckheimer

Wordle has been bought by The New York Times, will ‘initially’ remain free for everyone to play

Twitter suspends Wordle-ruining bot

Its automation rules forbid spamming or bothering users

What exactly is the Jodorowsky’s Dune crypto collective trying to make, anyway?

Jack Dorsey’s hot Web3 takes are apparently too much for Marc Andreessen to handle

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 4 Premiere


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