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Culture encompasses books, movies, television, music, video games, internet memes, and thousands of branches of art. And sure, culture includes the latest entertainment news too. At The Verge, we construct entry points both into the mainstream and the niche, the tentpoles and the hidden gems, to help make the most notable and discussed parts of the cultural conversation understandable and accessible to everyone.

Netflix adds improved playback controls and a ‘next episode’ button to iOS app

YouTube will stream The Lego Movie free as an ad for the sequel

Farewell to the Steam Link, the best wireless HDMI gadget ever made (update: it’s $2.50)

Fallout 76 journal: an ongoing exploration of post-apocalyptic West Virginia

Fallout 76 journal, day 3: in search of friends and fun

No more following orders

YouTuber who eats disgusting food is everything good about the internet

Internet Culture

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The Pokémon: Let’s Go Poké Ball controller is psyching out dogs

Fortnite’s $1 million winter tournament is open to everyone

Battlefield V review: war never changes

Big Damn Hero is a familiar trip back to Joss Whedon’s Firefly universe

Work on Telltale’s The Walking Dead resumes with ‘many’ original developers

The Walking Dead finds its groove without Rick Grimes

Deadpool 2 brings in Fred Savage for remixed Once Upon a Deadpool

Fallout 76 players launched so many nukes at once that they crashed a server

League of Legends turns to Marvel comics to explore the game’s rich lore


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Half-Life turns 20 today, and it feels more original than ever

A game that rewards achievement, not completionism

Pandora Premium is now available on Amazon Echo devices

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s single-player mode shines on the Switch

Amazon Prime members can see Aquaman a week early at participating cinemas

The first trailer for season 4 of Syfy’s The Magicians teases a magical revolution

Steve Carell donned a bald wig to troll President Trump as Jeff Bezos on SNL

All the updates for Disney’s live-action Star Wars shows

A podcast reopens a grisly and complicated cold case in New Hampshire

Making classic games more approachable should be the norm


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Tetris Effect is perfect for people overwhelmed by modern video games

Disney’s Star Wars park will come with original music from John Williams

YouTube is now streaming free, ad-supported feature films

How the hell do you say Eevee’s name?

Let’s Go is ruining everything I know

With FilmStruck disappearing, Criterion is launching its own streaming service

The internet is celebrating Danny DeVito this week

Netflix’s Cam is an unsettling thriller about losing your online identity

The bots of the future are going to use our own metadata to seem more human

Fallout 76 journal, day 2: home and heartache

The dream of the ‘00s lives on in gossip blogs

Netflix’s Godless delivers everything the Coen brothers’ new project once promised

Over 200 artists got together to remake Shrek