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Syneseizure DIY face mask: sight and touch, together at last

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Syneseizure's entry for the San Francisco Science Hack Day is a DIY full head mask that allows the user to "feel" images through an array of vibrating speakers hooked up to a webcam.

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You're probably aware of synesthesia, the sensory crossover condition that's been explored in Kandinsky paintings and Dreamcast videogames, but have you ever experienced it? A team calling itself Syneseizure hopes to help you with that via its entry for the San Francisco Science Hack Day — a full head mask that hacks the senses and allows the wearer to "feel images in real time." It employs a webcam that converts visual data into a 12-pixel monochrome image, with each pixel connected to a small vibrating speaker placed somewhere around the face. White pixels are "turned on," allowing the wearer to feel the vibrations change with their field of vision. Video demonstration embedded below, with more potentially nightmare-inducing images at the links.