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Our gadgets and relationships: the joy and the pain

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The New York Times explores how gadget devotions can bring contention into otherwise happy relationships, but it's born of the desire to bring a happier gadget life to the ones people care about most.

Kinect happy people
Kinect happy people

As the widespread adoption of mobile gadgets makes us ever more connected to each other, some people are finding the opposite in their closest relationships. The New York Times' "Divisive Devices" explores a darker side of technology that brings strife into homes where only love should abide. Couples may find their partners' technological preferences irritating, and are often frustrated in their attempts to convert their significant others with Christmas gifts that never get used. Of course, their efforts are driven by good intentions: the desire to bring a happier gadget life to the one they care about most. If that's not love, we don't know what love is.