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Errors' 'Pleasure Palaces' video fueled by surreal computer imagery

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Scottish indie band Errors have a new video for Pleasure Palaces, and it's heavily laden with computer imagery and iconography from the past.


Dire Straits' Money for Nothing clip brought computer graphics to the world of music videos back in 1984, but we've come a long way since then. Scottish indie band Errors' clip for Pleasure Palaces is filled to the brim with literal computer graphics — that is, pixelated cursors, Wi-Fi bars and @-symbols floating around the place. Director Rachel Maclean says the video was inspired by 80s corporate imagery, and the way one of the protagonists uses the Safari icon as an actual compass got us thinking about icon design, if nothing else. The band's full-length LP Have Some Faith In Magic is out on January 30th in the UK, and hits the States one day later.