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27,000 Chromebooks heading to schools in three US states

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Google announces a deal with schools in three US states to provide 27,000 Chromebooks for students.

Chromebook (hardware)
Chromebook (hardware)

Google announced a deal this week with three school districts in the US that brings 27,000 Chromebooks to students in Iowa, illinois and South Carolina. Google's push for Chromebooks in education means that "hundreds of schools across 41 states" have at least one classroom with Chromebooks according to Rajen Sheth, group product manager for Chromebooks.

Richland School District Two in South Carolina will use 19,000 of the Chromebooks to equip students in 3rd to 12th grades over a three-year program. Other schools, like Leyden Community High School District in Illinois and Council Bluffs Community School District in Iowa, will deploy less than 5,000 each, but both plan to issue each student a Chromebook by next year.

Google's Chromebooks haven't witnessed wide spread adoption for consumers however. The operating system has faced criticism for being less functional than a traditional Windows or Apple variant. Google has attempted to market its Chromebooks, partnering with Virgin Airlines, PC World in London, and even lending devices to the Palo Alto City Library. The education presence is the latest method to get Chromebooks in the hands of users, and convincing youngsters is a good tactic for potential long-term growth.