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US State Department now taking questions on Twitter

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The US Department of State will be holding weekly briefings to answer questions asked by the general public on Twitter. The briefings will run weekly through January, and will address questions with the hashtag #AskState.


Starting this week, the US Department of State will be accepting questions for its Daily Press Briefings on any one of its ten Twitter accounts. As part of its "21st Century Statecraft" project, the State Department will take questions using the hashtag #AskState and answer them each Friday afternoon this January. After the briefings, clips of the question and its answer will be subtitled in the language in which it was asked and posted to the State Department's YouTube channel.

Questions can be asked in many languages, including Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi. The first fifteen-minute briefing, held today, answered questions about intervention in Syria and Sudan, as well as one about programs allowing Iranians to access unfiltered internet. The full session can be seen below; if you'd like to ask a question, a list of State Department Twitter accounts is available at the source link. So far, the program is only slated to run through this month, but it's always possible it will continue if successful.