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Claymation cats relive the horrors of 'The Thing'

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Creator Lee Hardcastle has released "Claycat's The Thing" to YouTube — a spiritual successor to the taken-down "Pingu's The Thing" from earlier this year. The two-minute video is offered in stereoscopic 3D, and Hardcastle says Claycat may return in versions of The Fly, Taxi Driver, and Evil Dead II in the future.

Claycat's The Thing
Claycat's The Thing

Claymation cats at an Arctic research station surviving The Thing in two minutes flat? Sign us up. If that sounds awfully familiar, that's because it is: creator Lee Hardcastle uploaded nearly the same thing to YouTube earlier this year under the title of "Pingu's The Thing," and it quickly became a viral hit, but the video was taken down due to a copyright claim from Swiss children's show Pingu. Hardcastle was "crushed," according to Wired, but he was able to recreate the video with cats — "the internet mascot" — in a little over two weeks. The result is "Claycat's The Thing." One addition is that there's now a stereoscopic 3D version, so be sure to check that out if you've got a pair of glasses around. Oh, and if The Thing isn't your... erm... thing, Hardcastle says Claycat may return in the future with versions of The Fly, Taxi Driver, and Evil Dead II.