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Could freeze-drying corpses make for greener graves?

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grave flickr cc wallygrom stock 640
grave flickr cc wallygrom stock 640

Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak says she can "revolutionize the cremation industry" with a pretty incredible idea: freezing corpses in liquid nitrogen, vibrating the brittle bodies until they break into tiny pieces, sucking out the water by freeze-drying those particles, and finally placing the resulting human powder in a shallow grave where it turns to compost. It's called Promession, and allegedly it's a greener alternative to other forms of burial — perhaps one that can reduce overcrowding in cemetaries as well. This week, Wired spoke to the entreprenurial biologist behind the technique, as well as her detractors — some of whom claim that she's a fraud. "She has kept dead people in a freezer for 10 years," claimed one competing cremator. Read the full story at our source link below.