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Matt Smith to star in musical adaptation of 'American Psycho'

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Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Matt Smith may have completed his role as the doctor in Doctor Who, but he's not going to be out of the limelight for long. The BBC reports that Smith will be playing Patrick Bateman the musical version of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, opening in London at the end of the year. The role, originally played by Christian Bale in the 2000 movie adaptation, tells the story of an investment banker who slowly loses touch with reality and falls into a murdering rampage.

This news comes amid rumors of a separate American Psycho television adaptation being developed by FX. While the plot of the musical follows the events of the book, the series would take place in modern times, years later, and follow Bateman as he trains a deadly protégé. Although American Psycho was fairly controversial when the book was initially released, the biting satire seems perfectly suited to audience's current tastes.