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Wild boars will inherit the earth

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wild boar wikimedia
wild boar wikimedia

Modern Farmer has an in-depth look at the "pig bomb," a population explosion of wild boars that is devastating crops, destroying natural terrain, and spreading disease around the world. The animals cause $1 billion in damage every year in the US alone. The exact causes of the pig bomb are uncertain and vary by country, but the population in the US has been increasing ever since European wild boars were imported sometime around the nineteenth century.

You'd think humans could just turn these beasts into bacon, but the boar is a challenging opponent. Boars are uncannily smart and good at evading hunters; they're also tough and fast and hard to kill. The problem is so devastating to farmers, however, that some have advocated using poison — which of course, poses all kinds of scary threats to the rest of the natural ecosystem. Time to bring on the drones?